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The Department of German Language and Literature, one of the 14 departments of Faculty of Letters, was established in 1979 in response to Turkey’s growing need for education in this field. Each year approximately 60 students (with a score from Foreign Language Exam in one of the languages of German, English, French) are admitted to the department. The department offers a four-year B.A. programme in contemporary philology. Once admitted, to meet the German language requirement of the department, students must take the German proficiency exam run by the School of Foreign Languages or submit a score obtained in an internationally recognized German language test. If students are unable to meet the language requirement, they must complete the German language preparatory programme offered by the School of Foreign Languages. It is a crucial feature of the Department of German Language and Literature that all courses are held in German.

The Department of German Language and Literature is home to approximately 400 undergraduate and graduate students and there are 1 Prof. Dr., 4 Ass. Prof. Dr., 1 Res. Ass.  and 1 DAAD-Lecturer Dr. who are actively working in the department. The Department of German Language and Literature aims to enable students to gain general and field-specific skills in German literature and culture and to conduct research in literary theories, linguistics and translation studies. The programme is designed to enable students to recognize various literary genres with their periods and to equip them with the necessary tools to begin to think, speak and write critically about literature. The courses offered by the department also aim to prepare students for graduate programmes and for their advanced academic and professional careers. The aim of the curriculum is not only to teach German / Austrian / Swiss literary traditions and cultures, but also to improve students' language skills and social skills to help them graduate and participiate more fully in business and social life.

An academic year at the Faculty of Letters consists of two semesters, each lasting approximately 15 weeks. In the department 70% of the courses are compulsory, and the performance of students are evaluated through exams, tests, essays and other written assignments, presentations, and individual and group assignments. One midterm exam and one final exam are scheduled during each semester. The Bachelor's Degree in German Language and Literature is awarded to the graduates who have successfully completed all courses in the curriculum (8 semesters) and students who finish the study program acquire the title of Philologist. The Department of German Language and Literature attaches great importance to international educational activities and organizes many scientific activities with Goethe Institut (German Cultural Center of Izmir) and DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service). Therefore every semester speakers, academicians, guest professors and writers from international research institutes attend the department to give lectures, seminars or conferences.



The medium of instruction is 100 % German. 


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