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Faculty of Letters Department of German Language and Literature



The Department of German Language and Literature aims to educate philologists who have adopted ethical values, who are aware of the realities of the world, who have adopted the importance of life long learning, equipped with the knowledge, skills and approaches necessary to serve in all areas of philology.  In today's age of the Internet and globalization when the importance of borders is gradually disappearing, the program brings together the disciplines of literature and culture and offers students a comprehensive curriculum that enlightens both German culture and the universal agenda. In this context, students who have the opportunity to raise themselves in the disciplines of literature, language, culture and other social sciences, have the ability to understand not only the values and behaviors of their own culture, but also the distinctive perspectives of other cultures and acquire a comparative perspective.



The BA programme consisting of a total of 8 semesters in 4 years, aims to provide students with an advanced level of language skills, core knowledge in literary terms, cultural history, literary and linguistic theory and vocational competence in language, literature, translation and cultural studies. Graduates of the Department of German Language and Literature have a wide range of employment and career opportunities available to them; they will find opportunities in various public institutions (especially the Ministry of Culture and Tourism)and private organizations, especially in spheres of foreign trade and tourism industry, in publishing houses, newspapers and magazines. In addition, they can pursue the teaching profession at public or private schools after having gained a Teaching CertificateFurthermore, our graduates may pursue an academic career by taking up scientific study at universities (at Master’s and Doctorate levels).